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Awaken your "Sense of Wonder" by World-Class Script Writers.

Academic writing with the Greatest Novels chosen by Top teachers.

Become an Author

Course Syllabus

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Course Objectives:  

Ready to publish your own child’s book? Learn how to become an real author that kids will love. 

You don't need a publisher, editor or illustrator - this course will show you how your child can create a short story and publish their own book. Through the course, teachers will lead through how to use creative thinking and writing goals to begin your publishing journey from start to finish. If your child loves to write, this course is all you need to succeed as a first step towards a real author.

Inside the course:

  • Publishing -  learn the whole process of publishing (Drafting - Writing - Revising - Publishing)

  • Community - bond with creative friends who shares the same passion and co-author a real book

  • Coaching - get in-depth and comprehensive feedback on your writing from publishing professionals.

  • Engaging - engage with fun activities that help students share their creativity and imaginary worlds with others in the real world

At the end, students will complete their own writing and will get a copy of their E-Book

S1 (Jan-Feb) : Short Stories/Tales  - Students will create their own story with Hollywoods based writing director's coaching

Academic Writing with Great Books Syllabus

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Course Objectives:  This course provides ample practice for the mastery of the five-paragraph essay through analyzing books related to current issues. Students will be understanding the structure of a well-conceived essay and writing with a focus on ideas, organization, word choice, and sentence fluency. 1on1 feedbacks will be provided to build strength in specific writing skills for each session. The students will go through drafting, revising, conferencing, and editing in a supportive and respectful writers’ community with fellow writers  Students will be grouped with students in the similar writing level after taking the level assessment before participating. 

Class Expectations: This course will require you to complete reading the assigned text by the beginning of the 2nd class meeting. You will be expected to participate in weekly zoom lessons that include opportunities to receive direct instruction, practice new skills together, and work independently on homework assignments. You must respect due dates in this course in order to receive individualized feedback from the instructor.


Required Text (December) - Nov 20th- Dec 18th

Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key by Jack Gantos (4th/5th/6th grade)

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli  (7th/8th grade)

  • Theme and required Texts for 2023 Jan-Feb and Mar-Apr Session


4th/5th Grade

6th/7th/8th Grade

A. Experiences of the Holocaust (History and comparison with current era)

Number the Stars

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

B. Asian American Culture and Loss 

Sadako and the Thousand Cranes

When You Trap a Tiger