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Why Bear Book Club?

A place to provide meaningful and academic experiences for our children.

One of the stepping stones on the path towards Ivy League Universities.


Curated Booklist

Design your child’s learning from a curated list of classes designed by talented and forward-thinking instructors.


Learn from innovative teachers

Our hiring process is selective. We hire less than 5% of our applicants and they go through a rigorous training process to support your learner’s momentum toward excellence.


Number of Countires

Global, convenient, timely Bear Book Club is in 25 countries. Your child will meet and share ideas with students from all over the world. Stoke your learner’s curiosity about the world around him and sign up today

Bear Book Club's 

Curriculum and Value

Designed by a Silicon Valley CEO to foster a positive and meaningful book club experience for her (or his) own child, Bear Book Club is an exclusive club that gives access to a world of courses built using the 4Cs of Education - Communication, Collaboration, Curiosity, and Creativity. Our members-only club offers language support, rigorous debates, a curated book list, and talented teachers to usher your learner toward higher education and Ivy League institutions. 

Secret Bookshelf

We have our own unique book sorting system.

Of course, we are happy to show you our secrets.


BBC Book Data Base

(1000+ books)


IVY League Curriculum Team


Practice with Teachers and

collect feedbacks

Final Desicion

Select the best fitting books

Bear Book Club's Masters

Bear Book Club's Masters all passed the rigorous hiring system (BIHS)



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a video introduction






Bear Book Club's Masters

Bear Book Club's Masters all passed the rigorous hiring system (BIHS)

Our teachers are chosen, because they are talented, driven, experienced, and inspiring. 

Less than 5 % of total applicants make it through our hiring process, because we only want the best for our kids

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