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Fun Reading + Collaboration + Amazing Teachers = Bear Book Club

The beauty of our classes is that kids naturally learn to make their own decisions in life by reading and analyzing with peers from all over the world. Our book collection is curated by our great bookmasters to promote lively discussions about skills that Global Leaders should possess such as Trustworthiness and Responsibility, Conflict Resolution, and Integrity across cultures and nations.

Bear Book Club (Book + Debating) 
Group Age : Grade 1 - 6 


  Great books with Great Teachers 

   - Highly qualified Bookmasters   

   - Variety of youth literature, ranging from classics to modern releases 

  Renowned Team-Based Learning
  - Participants build relationships through meaningful discussion

  - Participants have fun reading and build it as a life-long habit  

  The more interaction, the deeper you think  

  - Build critical thinking skills 

  - Immediate feedback during sessions and written feedback  

    throughout the course

Class Information 

Bear Book Club-2022 First Session

Sense of Wonder (Creative Writing)

Group Age : Grade 4 - 8 

  Confidence in Self-Expression 

- To write any form of creative writing, a part of the brain actively engages and subconsciously changes you into a better communicator 

  Enhanced Thnking Skills 

- Strong writing leads to strong thinking.

- Expressing abstract concepts, like justice or love enables writers to think differently.

- The process of making the better word choice in writing makes creative 

  Empathetic writing

- When we write, we practice the ability to listen as well as to speak, making us more effective communicators and more compassionate human beings. 

Class Information

Sense of Wonder - Creative Writing

World Debating Championship Club

Group Age : Grade 6 - 8

  National Debate Tournament Format

  - World School Style Debate

   - A mixture of Parliamentary and Convention Debating 

  - 80 minute full debate everyweek 

  Rigourous Curriculum Designed by University Professor

  - Using strategies, rubrics, and practices recommended by the 

    National Forensics Institute. 

  - A unique curriculum from a Judge of Debating Championship 

  Everything is based on Collaboration 

  - Connects students from around the world to collaborate and    

   master the areas of public speaking, civil discourse, and debate. 

Class Information

World Debating Championship Club

Writing of Great Books (Academic Writing) 

Group Age : Grade 4 - 8 

  Master Writing Process and Essay Development

  - Master the Writing Process: Planning - Drafting - Analyzing - 

    Editing - Publishing 

  - Master Writing Techniques including paragraph and essay 



  - With our pre-selected literature, we not only learn the 

    procedure of writing, but also learn how to analyze literature, 

    using summarizing, comparing/contrasting etc  

  Combination of Input/Output (Reading & Writing) 

  - Though Literary Analysis, students will able to focus on 

    analyzing literature (Inputs) to demonstrate their 

    comprehension through writing (Output) 

Class Information

Writing of Great Books - Academic Writing