Semi-Private, All-Inclusive Class

Book + Debating + Writing & Fun

Group Age : Grade 1 - 6

Students / Class : up to 5

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  Class Objectives:

Starting with the CEO's wish for his child to have a more positive and meaningful reading experience - Bear Book Club was designed from a parent's point of view. Our unique Alday-Butler curriculum and 5X reading method enhances the academic intensity of students and helps them find the joy of reading and have fun learning based on an active learning culture rather than a passive one. The classes provides students with experiences and skills that act as a pathway to access higher education and Ivy League Universities.

  What Makes Bear Book Club So Special?

Reading proficiency is not enough - students learn the skill of critical thinking where the reading material is analyzed and broken down to reveal deeper comprehension and topics at hand.

Alday-Butler Curriculum based on Thinking-Exchange

  Aligned with California Common Core Curriculum  

  Leveled comprehension questions that go beyond surface level, and more deeper understanding (using Depth of Knowledge scale)

  Facilitate students to make text to self, text to text, and text to world connections by exchanging opinions. There is no wrong or right answer in your thoughts.

  Learn how to read, think and debate through text analysis, discussion, and debate to become avid and engaging leaders who are able to problem solve and think beyond the basics.

5X Reading (Developed by Ivy League Curriculum Team)

  Read 1X: Read actively, not passively

  Read 2X: Discuss while asking and answering questions

  Read 3X: Debate topics related to the text

  Read 4X: Write about the theme and issues.

  Read 5X: Connect texts to real life

Reviews from Our Parents