Founder`s Message


Hello. My name is Andrew and I founded Bear Book Club with my partner Anthony in 2020 for our kids all over the world to learn lifetime values and pursue their own happiness.

One of the most alarming concerns is Kids are getting used to measure one’s life by other people’s standards. This only brings low self-esteem in the end. Kids who don't learn how to make decisions on their own really struggles even as an adult. I not only experienced this struggle while I was a student at Cornell University, but I also observed the struggle in my peers. I was a generation of kids who grew up being directed by parents and teachers to the point where we did not learn how to make our own decisions about our futures. The result is that we were not confident in any part of school or in life.

When kids learn how to think for themselves and make their own decisions, they will learn how to take responsibility for their lives and pursue their own happiness in the end. I, as a founder, a friend and an educator, strongly believes in Bear Book Club can empower young learners by giving them the responsibility to shape their own future and become a great leader.



Co-Founder of Bear Book Club @ San Jose, California

Bear Book's Philosophy 

Tech oracle and founder of Angel list, Naval Ravikant, says “the 5 most important skills are reading, writing, arithmetic, persuasion, and computer programming.” Bear Book Club is the only institution that narrows its focus on reading, writing, and persuasion. Without these 3 ingredients, mathematics does not have a worldview and computer programming does not have a voice. Bear Book Club invites your learner into a world of curiosity and hands them the mic. We train them to become better speakers, writers, and creative thinkers with skills that can lead them to success whatever their chosen profession.

Bear Book's Teaching Method 


1st Phase 8 weeks

Introduction to expanding  thinking while reading

- Logical Thinking

- Reading Comprehension

- Important Reading Skills


2nd Phase 16 weeks

Formulate arguments utilizing proper evidence and reasoning

- Critical Thinking

- Creative Thinking

- Develop Arguments Using Reasoning


3rd Phase 17-20 weeks

Building strong  rebuttals and developing and understanding for others point of view.

- Critical and Logical Thinking together

- Use of Advanced Vocabulary Words

- Citing Specific Details From the Text When Providing Arguments.